Help with the Spitfire

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Help with the Spitfire

Post by Florida »

Hey, guys! I'm still in the lurking stage here...want to join y'all but can't seem to get the kinks out! I was really impressed with the Spitfire, although I fly the P-51, so I thought I'd buy and learn it. Not too worried about flying it, but I can't even get the plane to the runway. I know about the peculiarities of taxiing, and I've watched several videos about it, but all I can do is pivot in circles.

I know that most of you are proficient in it, so I'm asking for personal preferences. I have the X-56 with the wheel brakes on the stick (lower pinky switch), but I can't seem to control the taxi, no matter what. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Help with the Spitfire

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Assign to brakes to a slider, not a switch.
Having them on a wicth means theyre either "on" or "off".This isn'thow the spitfires brakes work. You need to be able to apply small amounts of brake in order to effectively steer on the ground.

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Re: Help with the Spitfire

Post by 312_JS »

I'm actually using my trigger for brakes and it works too, because they are applied gradually in game. I'm just lightly tapping the trigger and using the rudder to steer.
When there is no airflow around the rudder, it's ineffective, so you need to use a combination of brakes and rudder, which will then apply the brakes only to the corresponding wheel.
Make sure your RPM is fully forward too.

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Re: Help with the Spitfire

Post by Ateball »

In addition to what is mentioned from the other posters and since I think it is unclear in the manual.

Keep an eye on the brake pressure gauge at the bottom left side of the panel, it is the three dial gauge.
The two needles pointing down is the left and right brake pressure. A brake neutral pressure of around 3 is usually
good for taxiing. Can't remember if the scale is in 10s of lb/in^2, however one notch below the 4 :)
Too much above and you need to run the engine hard and risk a propeller strike too low and the a/c is very difficult to control.

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