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Caucasus 1988 - MISSION 2

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Re: Caucasus 1988 - MISSION 2

Postby 19RAF MJDixon » Thu Jun 14, 2018 10:56 am

A Harrier for me please. :)
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Re: Caucasus 1988 - MISSION 2

Postby EAF602_Red » Thu Jun 14, 2018 5:13 pm

Harrier for me too :P

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Re: Caucasus 1988 - MISSION 2

Postby FlashheartEAF602 » Fri Jun 15, 2018 8:01 am

Sign me up for a Harrier!
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Re: Caucasus 1988 - MISSION 2

Postby No.54 Thurmann (KL-T) » Fri Jun 15, 2018 8:13 am

If their is a job for an A10a to do then please count me in?

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Re: Caucasus 1988 - MISSION 2

Postby EAF79_OD_ » Fri Jun 15, 2018 11:46 am

I'll stick with the Harrier :D
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Re: Caucasus 1988 - MISSION 2

Postby Campbell » Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:38 am

I plan to be available, put me down for the F5 again. I will see if I can get a squad mate to join me.
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Re: Caucasus 1988 - MISSION 2

Postby FlashheartEAF602 » Sun Jun 24, 2018 12:05 pm

Been doing some weapons trials to see if the Harriers can assist in killing that nasty Chinese Type 54A frigate.

Its pretty fearsome ship sporting a 32-round VLS HQ-16 SAM with a 50nm range.

The good news is according to the briefing it is docking/docked at Sochi so any strike aircraft can use terrain to get closer in to destroy it.

Using a load-out of Sidearms & IR Mavs I was able to do a bit of 'Wild Weasel' in the hills, pop-up and get the Sidearms to lock on the Frigates radar and get hits.

BUT - the tiny warhead of the Sidearm it doesn't really do much damage and just makes the ship even more angry. I think the ship's radar also doesn't seem to be modeled as a separate discrete system - so even with Sidearm hits, the ship was still able to launch SAMs.

I also managed to get close enough to put a couple of IR Mavericks into it - but again the small warhead of the 'D' IR Mavs (126lb) it managed to soak up a couple of Maverick hits. Damaged but not sunk.

NB: Possibly the Sidearms DO do something - but there seems to be a small window of opportunity after the thing has fired its first 8 HQ-16s missiles (reload?) where it appears temporarily defenseless and can be engaged without the SAMs launching. I managed to target and fire off my Mavs while it was in this state. Not entirely sure why this is as its a 32 cel VLS system, possibly perhaps a holdover in the code from land-based SAMs that need time to reload.

Finally there is another, potentially more risky but with a better chance of sinking it option. Dumb bomb or LGB pop-up attack.

For this method (with GU-16s) I tried designating the target from altitude with the TPOD, then dropping to low level, with a 30deg pull up around 8-9miles with the intention of trying to keep the target lased while I pulled off and dived to low-level again. (this of course could be done with a buddy-lase but would still need to be within 9nm due to the 'hard' range of the TPOD laser that is coded in).

However fat fingers on my part meant the I was in the wrong mode for a loft attack (AUTO/DSL?) and ended up pulling up and over and trying a CCIP dive attack. That of course, ended as expected with my Harrier a pile of smoking wreckage.

Interestingly though because I was running in at very low-level and a high speed - i was shot down by the frigates CIWS gun system, NOT the HQ-16 SAMs which did not fire. I suspect that had I used DMT as the target reference and a brace of Mk83s or Mk82Snakeyes in that pop-up attack - I *could* well have sunk the bloody thing.

Sidearm/IR Mavericks - viable but will not significantly damage target or shut down its radars.
LGB/Dumb bombs - high risk, but potentially able to kill it.

(additionally note if Harriers are tasked with supporting Viggens on this mission. If we are flying from the eastern most base we may also have to take fuel tanks too, depending on everyone's AAR skills. That would limit stores and cross off an extra Maverick/Sidearm/LGB station)
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Re: Caucasus 1988 - MISSION 2

Postby -IRRE-RollupTito » Tue Jun 26, 2018 12:21 pm

What about putting some really fast fighters at good altitude and at the limit of SAM's launching range? Entering and exiting this limit so the boat is firing at them without many risk for them.

They can make the boats air defenses really busy while the others (Viggen & Harriers) can attack the boat more freely.

If the fighters stays at good altitude and are loaded with a good amount of chaffs, it won't be really hard for them to avoid the missiles.

Team working. 8-)
-IRRE- RollupTito

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