Team Speak - A Plea to Open Players

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Team Speak - A Plea to Open Players

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I frequently man TopHat, the ground Control system (or in modern parlance the air battlespace management system), and I would earnestly encourage open players to use the TeamSpeak comms. There are four channels for open players or if you fly together as a squadron regularly you can get a channel of your own.

If you are on TeamSpeak then TopHat can vector you on to incoming raids, if you aren't it can't and you will be losing out on kills.

For example, one evening last week there were twelve open players on and I could not talk to any of them. One flight was patrolling West to East along the coast and an inbound, unescorted, raid flew behind them by about ten miles. They didn't see it but I could. If they had been on TeamSpeak they would have got combat and kills rather than just stooging around getting bored.

Nobody can force you to use TeamSpeak but if you do you are likely to find your flying time a damn sight more interesting and exciting. Why not give it a try.

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