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Public training evening for new players of the community

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Public training evening for new players of the community

Postby Werner Mölders » Tue Jul 12, 2016 1:41 pm

Achtung Männer!

Today, 12th July 2016, starting from 21:00 CEST onward the pilots of the Stab I./JG 51 Gruppe will be available online on the ATAG TeamSpeak server in the Axis channel " In flight #1 " to train new pilots of the community that intends to learn to fly the German planes available in the game or that needs help about get started with the game and its features. ( note that also pilots with already some experience in flying German aircraft are more than welcome to join if they think it's the case ).
Please note that, trying to remain impartial in respect to the servers on which we are accustomed to play more, if this project will have positive feedback from the players of the community we will perform this training event being available one week on the ATAG TeamSpeak server and the following on the Storm of War Teamspeak server and so on ( giving hospitality to the new players joining the training session in our dedicated channel ).
The decision to start first on the ATAG TeamSpeak server comes only from the fact that, to decide on which Teamspeak server performing this event first, we have rolled the dice so the choice is completely random.

In particular, if you are interested in this, feel free to contact me anytime ( Tag-name used Stab I./JG 51 - Mölders both on Steam, the ATAG and the Storm of War forums and on TeamSpeak ).

The training missions will be played on a custom mission that we have created exactly for this purpose so you will have the chance to train yourself in a mission with no enemy aircraft flying around and in which you can take all the time that is needed, without hurry, to starting to learn to fly the various German aircraft available in the game.

If you are interested to participate to the training sessions post here your availability ( possibly indicating at what time do you expect to be online ) so it will be a lot more easy to meet and coordinate the training missions or feel free to contact me via Steam message ( My Steam tag-name is the same as here : Stab I./JG 51 - Mölders ).

Thanks all in advance!

Our best regards to all the pilots of the online community,

Maj Robert Mölders,
on behalf of Stab I./JG 51 Gruppe
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