Illumination and counter-illumination

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Illumination and counter-illumination

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Something that came up during the conversation on TS today... illumination and counter-illumination. During WW2, anti-submarine warfare (ASW) aicraft carried two types of lights specifically for the role.

The first were Leigh Lights. These are powerful search lights used for spotting U-boats on the surface at night. These were used by the RAF Coastal Command on a host of different aircraft types from Wellingtons to Sunderlands and even Fairey Swordfish.


The others were Yehudi Lights. These are lights that provide an offset to the dark silhouette of the incoming aircraft. This technique is known as counter-illumination camouflage. These lights were automatically controlled to adjust for the ambient light. These were originally developed by the Canadians, with development work then also being carried out by the USAAF. They were used on B-24s and Catalinas.

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Re: Illumination and counter-illumination

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Thanks for the follow up Dietrich ....

I'd not heard of this ....

Last night on cold server, I seemed to be picking up the dots well. I am wondering if the mission time of day as a factor (I run an 1920x1080 42" UHD capable TV)
(Around 13:16 to Phils 9 o Clock nose cold at about 2 km and low) but may not show up on the youtube render.


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