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For our public DCS Server, Storm of War has decided to make use of a mod-pack. A mod-pack is a single collection of modifications (mods) to the base DCS simulator. These mods add extra features and correct problems, thus making a richer and more immersive environment in which to run the Storm of War missions.

Current Version: November 2018 - DOWNLOAD (529 MB)


  1. Download the mod-pack from this link: DOWNLOAD
  2. Save the downloaded zip file to your DCS SAVED GAMES FOLDER. (usually under C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\Saved Games\DCS open beta.
  3. Use your favourite archive tool to "Extract HERE", so that the *Mods* folder and all its sub folders and files of the zip extract at that location.
Note that it goes to the Saved Games area, not the main DCS installation. The SoW DCS Mod-Pack is JSGME/OVGME-ready and can be used without further tweaking.

About the SoW DCS Mod-Pack

The mod pack is around 529 MB. It contains the following: 3 (possibly 4) A.I. twin engined aircraft (B26, Ju88, C47, B24) by the WW II Aircraft Development Co-op (WW II ADC ); A number of WW2 period ships, mostly for the Allies; also by the WW II Aircraft Development Co-op (WW II ADC ); 2 x driveable versions of vehicles by Sunstag (Kubelwagen and Willys Jeep) for tactical commanders; An Italian Bf109 Skin by =TIA=PorcoRosso86.

For more information about Storm of War, see the What is Storm of War? page. If you have questions or need support, please ask on the Storm of War Forum.