Storm of War Teamspeak

Welcome to Storm of War, home of IL2 Cliffs of Dover Multiplayer.

Our public server operates a 24/7 Battle of Britain environment and immersive campaign utilising many features not seen else where.

  • Check out our detailed stats to see how you're doing from sortie to sortie, with current player streaks and past lives.
  • No annoying server messages every time someone dies, shoots something or changes army!
  • Consistent custom mission menu's and tools every mission - RDF and Freya radar systems, friendly bomber finder, recon photo's, time to next AI spawn
  • Persistent mission environments. Missions retain the previous results, bomb a target one day, it'll still be destroyed tomorrow!
  • Extensive website integration - Bespoke Campaign Interface and stock pages read directly from the game and Command Teams pages allow players to influence the game from the website.
  • Unique and historical target types you won't see elsewhere. Bomb bridges, destroy map placed buildings, objects, area targets. The list goes on.
  • Historical aircraft types, each with a unique serial or Werknummer, fully trackable through our stats.
  • Convoy's which remain persistent through multiple phases and travel to their destinations.
Current Mission
The Long War
1 hours 00 minutes elapsed
3 hours 59 minutes left
Current Campaign Phase is Morning
Current Clouds are Medium at 2000m
Next SoW Event (UK LOCAL Time)
Thu 29th September 06:00 PM - Thu 29th September 11:00 PM
See who's on the server RIGHT NOW!!
Pilot Name Aircraft Pilot Name Aircraft Pilot Name Aircraft
guilou59 Hurricane Mk1 306_Yoschi Hurricane Mk1 AKA_Jericho Bf-110 C-4N
DasClark Hurricane Mk1 4./JG26_Vanguard Bf-110 C-7Late I./KG55_akm615 He-111 H-2
4./JG26_Kildren Bf-110 C-4N 306_Oem Spitfire 1a